Factors to consider when choosing a wedding ring?

Most important to consider is how it will look alongside your engagement ring. Choosing metals of the same purity and colour and diamonds of the same grade will ensure that your rings look good together. You should also be aware that if the engagement ring has large low set stones or a design that is wider in some parts it may get in the way when trying to wear a wedding ring on the same finger. Some people move their engagement rings to another finger or buy wedding ring sets. Others wear only their wedding band after marriage or look for engagement rings with a design that allows them to be stacked with other rings. Another option is to buy your engagement ring and then take it to a jeweller to commission a wedding ring made to match. It is a good idea to leave as much time as possible before the wedding as this can take some time.

Other things to consider:

- Does the jewellery store have a long-standing and solid local reputation?
- Is the shop a member of a trade association? If so, which one?
- Will the shop present a detailed receipt with your purchase? This is key to any possible insurance claim or future repair.
- Does the shop appear to have a busy repairs service? (A good indication of customer trust)
- Exactly which warranties and guarantees does the shop offer? Read them closely.

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